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Why Ventilate?

Ventilating our homes creates and maintains the air quality we need to ensure that a healthy indoor living environment exists every day.

Many of us are not aware that the well-intentioned energy efficiencies we introduce to our homes often negatively affect the air quality which can then compromise our health. In winter, the issue of poor air quality is compounded further in the simple act of taking every possible measure to retain the precious heat we generate in an effort to keep the cold at bay.

Insulation solutions make homes easier to heat, however, this can affect the good ventilation essential for better air quality, no matter what the age of your home.

Over a year a family can produce as much as 3,500 litres of moisture in the air inside their home and damp homes are much harder to heat than dry ones.

Why Smartvent?

With up to 69% of your lifetime spent in your home, a comfortable and healthy living environment is the least you should expect.

An efficient home ventilation system may well be just a low-cost product that keeps moisture build-up at bay.

An effective system, however, is an investment that delivers on the quality of life promise we now expect, as the minimum, for in-home comfort. SmartVent offers a wide range of home ventilation solutions with systems designed to best suit the specific needs of any home today.

What are the options?

Positive Pressure Systems

Better air = Better health

Heat & Energy Recovery Systems

Better air = Better health

What are the next steps?


Harkness Electrical are fully trained to advise, install and maintain SmartVent Systems, so give us a call to book in a time to visit your property and walk you through the options.


If you have any questions feel free to give us a call and we will answer them the best we can.


The SmartVent Brochure contains a lot of helpful information.