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The Dangers of DIY

No one likes to admit they can’t solve seemingly minor electrical problems.

And if it’s in the middle of the night or right when you walk into the house after a hard day at the office, you just want things back to normal ASAP. Does that mean you should attempt to fix electrical issues yourself?

Well, small things like changing light bulbs, checking the wattage and replacing or checking your circuit breaker for tripping is all doable stuff for the amateur.

But in most cases, tempting though it is to have a crack yourself (thanks to Mr Google and YouTube) in the interests of health, safety and downright mortality, it’s best to call in the professionals. In Hawkes Bay the team at Harkness Electrical are all fully qualified to repair your breakdowns.

It quite simple: when in doubt call us! 

It’s time to call Harkness Electrical when:

  • You find exposed, live wires, grab your cell phone and call us quick

  • The hot water isn’t hot

  • You’re doing a renovation and need to connect some cables

  • The lights are pulsating and you’re not at a disco

  • You’re building a new home and want everything electrical to be just right before you get stuck in

  • You forgot the council motto ‘Think before you Dig’ and dug anyway

  • Moving a couple of pictures on the wall  and your brute strength hammering hits a cable

  • You want to put your home on the market and you need an electrical inspection and certificate

  • Hot points or appliances are sparking or even worse, flaming

  • You want to convert your old-fashioned light bulbs to LED’s

  • The oven gives up the ghost

  • The spa pool goes cold overnight

  • Your over-loaded multi-board looks to be ‘struggling’

  • The pump for the bore quits and you no longer have water

  • You haven’t a clue what all those switches in your switchboard actually do