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Maximising Your Heat Pump's Efficiency During Winter

As the winter chill sets in across New Zealand, ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable becomes a priority. Heat pumps are popular for many Kiwis, offering an energy-efficient way to keep the cold at bay. However, it's essential to understand and implement a few critical practices to get the best out of your heat pump during the colder months.

Understanding Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps work most efficiently when maintaining a temperature rather than constantly changing it. It's a common misconception that turning your heat pump on and off to save energy is effective. In reality, it's more energy-efficient to maintain a consistent temperature.

Optimal Settings for Winter

Set your heat pump to a comfortable temperature, typically between 18°C and 22°C. This range is not only comfortable for most people but also cost-effective. Avoid setting the temperature too high, as this will lead to unnecessary energy consumption and higher bills.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for your heat pump's efficiency. Ensure the filters are clean and check for obstructions in the outdoor unit. A well-maintained heat pump can perform up to 25% more efficiently.

Positioning and Usage

The location of your heat pump affects its performance. Install it in a central location to allow for even heat distribution. Run your heat pump continuously during winter at a lower temperature rather than in short bursts at high heat.

Utilise Advanced Features

Many modern heat pumps have advanced features such as 'Jet Air Technology' and 'Clean Air Technology', which can enhance performance in cold weather. These features help maintain long-reach airflow and ensure the air remains clean, which is particularly beneficial during winter when homes are closed up.

Energy Ratings and Performance

When choosing a heat pump, consider the energy ratings and how they perform in low temperatures. Some heat pumps are rated as one of the best performing in low temperatures, crucial for New Zealand's winter months.


By understanding how your heat pump works and following these tips, you can ensure your home stays warm throughout the winter without incurring high energy costs. Remember, a little preparation and maintenance can go a long way in getting the best out of your heat pump during New Zealand's winter months.


We service all heat pumps and charge a set fee of $250.00, including GST (for a single heat pump), and additional heat pumps are $120.00, including GST, each. 

Service includes:

  • Cleaning the filters

  • Disinfecting coils of the indoor unit

  • Checking the drain for blockages,

  • Checking the outdoor unit coils and

  • Cleaning away any foreign matter

  • Checking the overall condition of the indoor/outdoor units and piping,

  • Replacing the remote batteries

  • Checking the operation of the heat pump.